Thursday, January 6, 2011


So on Tuesday, I took Casey to the doctor to have some bites looked at. While she's there, the doctor looks her over (which they do no matter what she's there for, one reason I love my pediatrician's office) and she didn't like the look of C's throat, so she does a quick swab. Guess what? The swab comes back positive for Strep. Sigh. I got a really bad feeling. I hadn't felt good for a few days, so I mentioned this to the doctor, and she swabs me too (another reason I love this pedi). And yup, I have Strep too. Sigh. Casey hadn't been feeling bad at ALL. No sore throat, no fever. So they caught it early, got her on the antibiotics and told me to keep her home from school until today, when she wouldn't be contageous anymore. Ok, I can handle that. But this morning she wakes up, got it...fever and sore throat. Sigh. So she's home again today, puny as all get out. One thing I've realized, when my days are out of routine, it's harder for me to take photos. I just get all out of whack. Add to that me not feeling well, and my camera gets a little lonely. But...I have managed to snap a few the last few days, one of them this morning, of Casey as I've seen her more often than not the last couple of days, sleeping. So here they are...hope you enjoy.


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