Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 27 and a blog revamp

January 27
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Here's my photo for today. Casey made the honor roll for 1st semester, so she got a certificate for a free pizza from Papa John's.

Hopefully you've noticed that the page has been renamed. I spent some time thinking about it and I decided that I want this blog to be more about my life in general, as opposed to just my Project 365. I'll still be posting my daily photos, and weekly layouts here, but I also want to be able to post about other things happening in my life, and I didn't want to do a seperate blog for that. My goal for this year is still to find joy in everyday life. But I've decided that trying to focus my P365 on that is quite restricting when it comes to taking the actual photos. The thing is, obviously whatever I photograph is something I find some joy in, or I wouldn't bother to take a photo of it. So my new idea for my P365 is just "life." Whatever it throws at me that I want to photograph each day. I might try to set myself some themes, but for the most part my photos will be completely random, just whatever strikes me and says "take a photo of me."
This blog is still about a journey, and it's still about finding the joy IN the journey, but now I just feel a bit less restricted about what I can photograph, or what I can post here, and THAT makes me feel good! :)


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