Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28

January 28
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Yes, my photo for today is bragging on my kid again, lol. I'm allowed to do that, tee hee. We found out today that she got 2nd place in a poetry contest, and I'm super proud of her. A couple friends asked me to share the poem, so here it is:

Morning in the Forest

The wind blew through the forest
Her legs clung tightly to the flower as she sucked down the nectar
Refueled and ready to fly, she slowly spread out her wings
And then she waited
She waited for a gust of wind to blow her out into the morning sun
Slowly it came and gently plucked her off of the flower and carried her away
She felt her wings surge gracefully up and down to the beat of her heart
She was flying
She was beautiful
She was magnificent
She was a butterfly

Pretty good, huh?


Torie Jo said...

The poem is as beautiful as my niece! I'm very proud of you Casey you did a wonderful job!!!

Simply Sarah said...

Wow... beautiful, well written!

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