Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 4 and 5, and something else!

January 4
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Yesterday saw us getting back into our regular routine. School started back and as much as I love my kidlet, it was a relief in some ways to see her off on the school bus. Having my time to myself again is nice. I've got my own routine I'm trying to get into now, but more on that later. Today's picture is of a wall in my living room. About 5 years ago my Gram and I painted it, and it's so cool to have a daily reminder of that time we spent together working on it. (Not to mention she's amazingly talented!)

January 5
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Now, on to other things. You might notice that I added something new to the blog. Over on the right is a weight loss ticker. I'm not talking specfic numbers here, lol, but I do need to lose about 35 more pounds, and my goal is to lose it by my birthday (the end of June). So, I put the ticker up to help keep myself motivated by tracking my progress. I will weigh in once a week and update the ticker!


Nonnie said...

What a cool wall, and such a great painting!! I did the big weight loss push last year and reached my goal! You can too, just keep it up!

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